Serendipity Disorder - La Finale

Finally, if you’ve fol­lowed this far, you knew it was com­ing as Nas­sir Ghaemi, MD asks: “What does it mean to be bor­der­line?” and it was inevitable. And in my esti­ma­tion bold. “Bor­der­line” was orig­i­nally refer­ring to patients who lacked the … Con­tin­ued

The Devil’s in the Details

I was dri­ving to get blood­work, vaguely lis­ten­ing to the voice of Kai Ris­dal of Mon­ey­Mar­ket on NPR inter­view­ing Tavi Gevin­son, now 17 years old, who at age 11 began the web­site Rookie review­ing music, cloth­ing, “trends,” and such. Life … Con­tin­ued

Serendipity Disorder - Au Milieu

Another friend in the parole out-patient ser­vice sent me an arti­cle pub­lished in the Psy­chi­a­try News in its “From the Experts” series that was sim­ply titled, “Reori­ent­ing a Depressed Patient to Address Under­ly­ing BPD.” The gist of the case is … Con­tin­ued

Serendipity Disorder - Prologue

A friend of mine who works in a parole out-patient clinic emailed me as to my opin­ion of an his­tor­i­cal diag­no­sis of Anti­so­cial Per­son­al­ity Dis­or­der for a guy who just com­pleted 19.5 years in prison for mur­der­ing a rival gang … Con­tin­ued