Serendipity Disorder – La Finale

Finally, if you’ve followed this far, you knew it was coming as Nassir Ghaemi, MD asks: “What does it mean to be borderline?” and it was inevitable. And in my estimation bold. “Borderline” was originally referring to patients who lacked … Continued

The Devil’s in the Details

I was driving to get bloodwork, vaguely listening to the voice of Kai Risdal of MoneyMarket on NPR interviewing Tavi Gevinson, now 17 years old, who at age 11 began the website Rookie reviewing music, clothing, “trends,” and such. Life … Continued

Serendipity Disorder – Au Milieu

Another friend in the parole out-patient service sent me an article published in the Psychiatry News in its “From the Experts” series that was simply titled, “Reorienting a Depressed Patient to Address Underlying BPD.” The gist of the case is … Continued

Serendipity Disorder – Prologue

A friend of mine who works in a parole out-patient clinic emailed me as to my opinion of an historical diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder for a guy who just completed 19.5 years in prison for murdering a rival gang … Continued